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Electric Diesel and Oil Pump, 10.5 GPM (40 LPM).


SKU: 45522


  • Vertical mount Fuel and Oil pump designed for Indoor use in Industrial, Automotive, Heating, and Marine applications.
  • For use with non-flammable media.
  • Pumps have built in Bung Adapter to fit directly onto drums with a 2" threaded opening.
  • Manufactured from chemically inert materials these pumps work with a wide variety of low viscosity media.
  • Pump motor has double insulation which makes them safe for use with water and emulsions.
  • Built-In Anti Siphoning system ensures that media does not flow out by Siphon action in case of accidental damage to the delivery hose or dispensing nozzle.
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous Duty
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Diesel, Kerosene, Mineral and Synthetic Oils, Heating Oils, Antifreeze, Water, Emulsions, etc.
  • Flow Rate: Up to 10.5 GPM (40 LPM)
  • Includes Hose, Manual Fuel Control Nozzle and 6-1/2 ft. (2m) Electrical Cable.
  • Available in 230V AC or 110V AC
  • WARNING: DO NOT USE with fluids with a flash point below 100F (38C), such as Gasoline and Alcohol. Sparking could result in explosion causing fatal injury.