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Fuel Meter - Mechanical


SKU: 45681


  • Mechanical Fuel Meter, extremely compact, yet easy to read.
  • Aluminum Die Construction
  • Three Port Design which allow the meter to be fitted In-Line or with the Inlet and outlet ports at Right Angle.
  • Nutating Disc Mechanism offers high tolerance to fuel contamination.
  • For use with Electric Fuel Pumps or gravity flow (with a minimum gravity head of 4")
  • Register cap can be easily removed and rotated to every 90 degree orientation for display reading.
  • Easy user recalibration.
  • Works with both Fuels and Oils.
  • Available in Litre/Gallon version in a choice of 3/4" or 1" threads.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Diesel, Gasoline, Biodiesel, Low to Medium Viscosity Oils
  • DO NOT USE with Water based media.
  • Flow Rate 4 to 20 GPM (15 to 75 LPM)