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7 pc Quick Connect Grease Fittings Kit


SKU: GF44950



This versatile kit offers a simple and effective system to make all greasing jobs easier.
Kit includes:

  1. Professional Recessed Lube Adapter with Quick Disconnect for pushing on greasing of recessed fittings where obstructions would not permit the use of a regular hydraulic coupler.
  2. Whip Hose with Heavy-Duty Coupler and Quick Connect converts steel extension coupler assembly on grease guns to a flexible hose that allows the grease gun to be used for greasing hard to reach fittings. The grease fitting on the opposite end of the hose snaps conveniently onto all jaw type couplers. A spring guard fitted on the coupling end provides rigidity that makes the coupling end snap easily onto grease fittings.
  3. Jaw Type Coupler for greasing end rubber tipped seals off dispenser with quick disconnect for quickly converting regular couplers for lubricating automobiles with grease plugs, etc. to fit straight onto the grease gun coupler.
  4. Narrow Needle Nose Adapter is designed for greasing flush or hard to reach hydraulic type fittings in inaccessible areas.
  5. 90 degree Angle Adapter/Right Angle Adapter is for greasing inaccessible grease fittings in shoulders and other confined areas.
  6. Regular Coupler to Right Angled Coupler - right angle coupler fitted onto a quick disconnect adapter. Ideal for quickly converting regular couplers for greasing fittings with limited access in low height areas, etc. to fit straight onto the grease gun coupler.
  7. Stainless Steel 1-in. Grease Injector Needle lubricates in very tight spaces such as universal joints and sealed bearings; equipped with standard grease fitting without ball check.

Comes with tough, oil resistant nylon pouch.