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Kynetx A/C Flushing Solvent


SKU: KN9020



A/C Flushing Solvent is a refrigerant flushing solution used to flush out old A/C refrigerants and contaminants when changing and charging new refrigerant. A/C Flushing Solvent is unique because it must be compatible with both the old mineral oil and with the new lubricants as well as with the old and new refrigerants. A/C Flushing Solvent can also be used for cleaning contaminants from the system. Old Freon 12 systems can be retrofitted for use with R134 by a procedure which includes pumping out and reclaiming the old refrigerant using approved equipment, draining the lubricant from the compressor, and then flushing out the remainder of the old oil with a special solvent.