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Kynetx Hydraulic Oil Additive


SKU: KN3012



Hydraulic Oil Additive is intended for use as a friction modifier additive when added to hydraulic fluids and motor oils. Hydraulic Oil Additive improves the flow characteristics of most hydraulic systems by modifying the bulk properties of the hydraulic oil. By improving flow characteristics, Hydraulic Oil Additive improves sluggish hydraulic operations and eliminates the Òstick-slipÓ on noisy hydraulic cylinders.The unique polar chemistry of Hydraulic Oil Additive provides a thin layer of boundary lubrication on demand under load-bearing operations. Hydraulic Oil Additive improves low-temperature performance to help eliminate drag, which causes jerky or sluggish operation. Hydraulic Oil Additive does not contain any solid lubricants and will not form any type of permanent coating on cylinders.