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Kynetx Liquid Gasket A


SKU: KN9013



Liquid Gasket-A is a quick drying, liquid gasket material designed for a wide variety of applications. This brushable, liquid product dries to a permanently flexible gasket material. Liquid Gasket-A withstands temperatures up to 300¡F (149¡C), or air or hydraulic pressures of 90 psi (620 kPa) and seals up to .003Ó (.08 mm). This product does not contain chlorinated solvents and will not cause corrosion on aluminum parts. It contains Acetone and therefore is highly flammable. It resists most automotive and industrial fluids and allows for easy disassembly.
Applications include flanges, gaskets, hose and threaded connections, rear axle assembly, differential assembly, waterproofing electrical terminals and wires, weather stripping and tubeless tire beads.