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Kynetx Molylube Anti-Seize


SKU: KN7012



Moly Anti-Seize Compound is non-melting, with a high percentage of molybdenum disulfide (moly) and graphite lubricating solids. Moly Anti-Seize Compound is an extreme pressure compound that protects threads from galling, seizing and fretting. A virtually waterproof oil, it provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for assembled parts. Moly Anti-Seize Compound is an excellent tool joint compound for pipe threads and collars with easy makeup and low break-out torques. Moly Anti-Seize Compound has a phenomenal capacity for preventing seizing and galling at assembly pressures in excess of 70 mPa (10,000 PSI). It is impervious to water and is unaffected by most acids and alkali. Under limited static conditions, the additives, moly, and graphite lubricating solids in Moly Anti-Seize Compound will provide exceptional protection at temperatures of -300¡F to 750¡F (-184¡C to 399¡C).