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Kynetx VCI F Oil


SKU: KN5019



VCI-F Oil is a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor and flushing fluid, which should be used to protect internal tanks from corrosion, flush tanks to disperse debris and offer protection for the external surfaces of parts. It contains less than 15 ppm sulfur and is compatible with fuel, lubricating and hydraulic oils. VCI-F Oil contains a special low pour point synthetic ester contact inhibitor blend, which will not varnish, harden or react with cleaner residues left in systems. The volatile corrosion inhibitor blend will protect the head space in Òclosed systemsÓ such as engines, transmissions, hydraulic tanks and cylinders, gear housings, fuel tanks and steel drums. The duration of the vapor phase protection provided depends on how well the tank is sealed. Protection for several years can be achieved if the tank is hermetically sealed or bagged with LDPE (>0.125mm thick) plastic and sealed. For incompletely sealed systems periodic endoscope inspection and possible re-application may be required.