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Kynex Rust Preventative Oil


SKU: KN9015



Rust Preventative Oil is an oil dispersed, non-staining rust preventative designed to deposit a light oily film which provides indoor protection on sheet steel and other ferrous parts. Rust Preventative Oil will neutralize fingerprints and provides excellent water displacing characteristics while preventing the formation of black stains when parts are stored in contact with each other. Rust Preventative Oil is used as received and may be applied by brush, dip, or spray application at room temperature. Normally a single tank is adequate for dipping operations. However, if parts are extremely wet or dirty and where carryover is great, a two-tank system will produce the best results. Where water displacement is of primary importance, the dip tank should be equipped with a bottom drain for removing accumulated water. A false-bottom tank is desirable to prevent parts from being dipped through rust preventative into water layer below. Aged films of Rust Preventative Oil are easily removed with alkaline cleaners, vapor degreasing, or wiping with mineral spirits.